Fai Chai

Fai Chai is a station on MRT Blue Line of the Bangkok BTS and MRT. For more details view the ExploreBangkok interactive BTS and MRT map centered on this station.

Basic facts

English Fai Chai
ไทย ไฟฉาย
Located on MRT Blue Line
Code BL03

Map of Fai Chai

First train/Last train

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  • MRT Bridge, Fai Chai, Bangkok Noi MRT Bridge, Fai Chai, Bangkok Noi
  • Sign Shop, Bangkok Noi Sign Shop, Bangkok Noi
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  • Cook, Wat Dong Mun Lek Beef Noodle, Bangkok Noi Cook, Wat Dong Mun Lek Beef Noodle, Bangkok Noi
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  • IMG_20190403_225538 IMG_20190403_225538

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